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We understand what companies and institutions must now do to protect themselves from unprecedented levels of hostile intent, interference and theft. We design practicable and readily implemented security and intelligence solutions where organisations have struggled to protect themselves in an increasingly ambiguous strategic threat environment.

Matthew Curtis - Principal

Matthew advises national and corporate leaders on security governance, management and intelligence matters. He has worked and led in fields ranging across diplomacy, policy development and implementation, legal and litigation matters, industry regulation and negotiation. Matthew’s consulting draws on high-level strategic and relationship management skills as well as effective policy and operational experience. His work includes:

  • National security – national counter-terrorism arrangements, critical infrastructure security, transport security and national security decision support
  • Jurisdiction-level emergency management governance arrangements and review
  • Security risk, governance, management, policy and planning
  • Security management and intelligence systems.

Matthew is a leader in the Security Profession. A Registered Security Professional, he has chaired its peak representational group, the Australasian Council of Security Professionals and is currently the Secretary-General and an Executive Board member of Security Professionals Australasia. He is also deeply involved in the development of national and international security standards. Matthew was a member of Australia’s Diplomatic Corps for 20 years. He is a graduate of Chinese history, military politics and language, and has worked, lived and travelled extensively throughout the Asia Pacific Middle East.

With the specialist skill we are able to call upon, CurtisCorp is uniquely equipped to advise on and help manage the historic security and intelligence challenges that face us.

Security Professionals Australasia

Security Professionals Australasia is the professional body representing the Security Profession in Australasia. It advocates for the security profession with the public and private sectors and promotes professional standards through the Security Professionals Registry. The Security Profession consists of professionals in government, the private sector, academia and the NGO community who provide the services that are needed by society (government, business and the broad community) to be and to feel free from danger or threat.

Standards Australia

Matthew is also a member of Standards Australia Mirror Committee MB-025, which mirrors in Australia the work of ISO/TC-292 (Security and resilience), the key strategy setting body in relation to international security standards creation. He chairs MB-025 Sub-committee 06 (Protective Security) and in this capacity represents Australia in the business of ISO/TC-292.


Matthew has written in the Australian Business Review Weekly, the Australian Security Magazine and Security Solutions Magazine on a range of matters in relation national and corporate security and to the Security Profession in general. The article ‘Can You Keep a Secret’ examined the very substantial challenges to corporate Australia of hostile intelligence attack.

Outdoor Education

Matthew is a member of the Foundation of Outward Bound Australia. The archetype of Outdoor Education, for the last 50 years OBA has provided inspirational outdoor programs that are both physically and mentally challenging and designed to help develop self-esteem, resilience and confidence among participants to face and overcome life’s challenges. A particular focus is on empowering youth, strengthening families and building resilient communities.